Friday, December 18, 2009

ginger jack

I was washing some dishes, and putting our used bottles of Ginger Jack up above the cupboard, and thinking about how great a product it was, and thought I'd at least give a shout out for it to all. Rachel and I drink it mostly at the first sign of illness. I feel (no scientific data in) that it has really helped stave off the worst part of coughs and stuff. Shortened them at least. And the bottles are a total bonus, we have started using them for bulk oils and maple syrup at city market. It's the type of stuff you drink with a shot glass, so it can last a week or two once you open it.

In Farm News, I am finishing reading the end of season surveys, and starting to buy implements/supplies for next year, starting (already) to meet prospective employees and chefs about what we will do for next year.

Happy Holidays


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