Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flood Part Two & Things Growing

I did get out to the field today.  Had to get through some wet patches, some two feet deep, but our fields themselves are now all dry.  I suspect that at the peak of the flood (cause by the Winooski and a really high water table if I didn't mention it before) the water was three to four inches over the field.  The garlic, I am happy to report, looks great, though it does have to be remulched (luckily, I went totally overboard gathering leaves last fall).  This picture is of the Half Pint Fields, hope you all don't mind me using it for purposes of demonstration, which is I guess just demonstrating what a big puddle of water looks like, with Spencer standing in front of it.  My boots could not keep out those puddles.

Also today, I started to ready an area for some of our plants to go out, and harden off (technical term for getting them gradually used to outdoor conditions).  Hard to believe, but I will be hardening off the onions in a week or so, beets not far behind that.  Definitely seeing the rhubarb crowns. 


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