Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Weather: what does it mean for us?

You may be wondering what do two weeks of 15 degrees above average  + a return to normal or slightly below normal temps + 1 heavy rain = for the farm season ahead.  The answer is . . . probably nothing too different than the last, at least so far.  The ground seemed like it was going to be ready to break into a week or maybe two early, and things might have been a week or a week-and-a-half early, but I'm scaling back my guess (and it is totally a guess (we are still far enough out that lots of stuff can average)) to everything being the same as it always is due to the flood (that's right, those of you who have been with OHF for a while have heard about those (at this point I'm such a pro at them I just think of it as flood managment)).

And if you've been following this blog for awhile you've seen one version or another of this chart.  This one indicates a fairly substantial flood, and it seems to be accurate (I tried to look at the field today but didn't get past the gate).  What does that mean for the crops you ask? Well, only the garlic is in the ground right now, so overall I'm taking the philosophic view that we are farming on a Nile delta like thing, and this flood and others leaves lots of nutrients in the ground, especially the micro ones veggies are good at using up, so it's fine that it floods, as long as its now and not a month from now.  I do think that while it rained pretty hard for 10-12 hours, I'm surprised that that was enough to create this kind of flood, all of which probably means the ground wasn't as unfrozen as I thought.

Feel free to post any questions.  Comments won't appear immediately because I now have to mediate them, I guess spam has arrived on the blogs.

The brochure is in the post below, in case you are looking.


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