Thursday, March 11, 2010

Onions Started, Recipe Czar, and Subscription to the CSA

That is about how close I get my face to the onions, and to most of the starts actually.  Besides seeing how well the seeds germinated (what percentage), I'm also looking to make sure the moisture level is right, so that I don't either underwater or over water (the side I am more prone to) - one thing to look for, if I over water consistently enough, is green stuff starting to form on the Vermiculite (the sparkly rock stuff sprinkled on top of all the cells).  The Vermiculite is also there to self-regulate the moisture levels a little.  This Spring has been really easy so far, the constant sun has made it impossible to overwater, and the germ has been so far great.  Yeah For Onions!

This is our first year with a recipe Czar (I won't use that word too many more times, don't worry), Carin, a member of our farm now for four years, will be sending out recipes each week, both on the blog, and to our members via email, with things to do with the vegetables that we happen to have that week (also including a list of what those veggies will be).  Very excited to have this be a little bit more regular because every week that we did manage to do it last year lots of members were excited about it.

CSA subscriptions are right about average for this time of year.  Right now is often when an uptick occurs, and there was an article in the Free Press about CSAs which might remind people, if the weather hadn't already, that we will in fact be able to grow lots of food right here in Vermont.  One thing I'd like to stress that the Freeps might have missed, "check out small family owned farms in your area."  One thing that the Organic movement has proven time and time again is that bigger isn't always better.  At Open Heart we are committed to being sustainable at a level that doesn't require us to become too big to be able to serve you personally.  That is alot of what we like about the CSA model, we really get to know our members over the years.  Speaking of which, I'm putting the link to our brochure here again.


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