Tuesday, November 26, 2013

magazine poems

thee days, why wait for your poem to be accepted or not to a magazine, publish it yourself in their name (if it is for they it is written).  So for the mag Armed Cell (http://armedcell.blogspot.com/) (online and print)

we were hungering for media my own mother everything comes out there wasn't much to say today

in the more ever-changing calms

communicative scope

we don't often
but a hurt for same
the bloody insurrection
that                                        and that music wasn't an outlier, but what the other functions of government

and so

that unicorns exist

you do know

so then we felt less bad about inventing it

Friday, November 22, 2013

Timon of Athens/Depeche Mode/This Blog

In case you haven't notices the focus of this blog is changing, as the farm in the Intervale winds down.  I am checking out other farm locations and other farm related jobs/stuff all the time but I am also working another job and suspect that it will take another year to have a family farm again.  When it does get born it might not be called Open Heart Farm, it might be Lost Places Farm, but might be something else.  Which leaves, For now, Open Heart Farm a farm of the mind, and this blog will mostly function as a record of that.  Which is to say as a blog did in the early days of blogging.  As thoughts - diarylike or not, interests, basically anything, the soil, what grows out from it, the fruits (poetry? (suppose that depends on which part of the lifecycle you are in, cause poetry could just as easiliy been the compost?)) etc.

As for poems that appear here: the formatting may be off that may be fixable by how wide your window goes.  I kinda like this medium, the blog, for whatever is going on with my writing now and how that intercects my desires with audience.  I'm still into writing for myself and strangers, and the thing about facebook is it wasn't strangers.  I would fall into the trap of trying to impress actual people,  Not sure why I don't have a moral problem with impressing myself.  That impressed-ness takes the form of enjoyment mostly, so maybe that is why.

Get to Timon and depeche next time.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

look to the shadows

                                                         what other pronouncements shall be

                                                         and that's a manifesto with rhymes

                                                         or, when we break our backs (haven't heard what

                                                         Cathy Wagner is writing)

                                                         just cause I haven't bought the

                                                         what sense!  doth level apply or this time

                                                         who said slant it should

                                                        (slant it does)[no command (doth (like (


                                                                      the senses are slant or oblique

                                                         any poem is proof of this

Saturday, November 16, 2013

But things must Matter and one so often has the sense that they do not so the impulse Arises . . .

Trolletry?  Troll Poetry?  Trollism, as something broader than just poetry or writing but that most clearly encompasses it and is meant to be a lifestyle.  Hell No.

And so you ask if I'm not just meeting enough people, and I used to love people.  and they are still out there. the people they rush back in and out and they, if they exist are an antidote to trolls.  Yes, But trolls don't exist.  Any more than Marvin the Sad Robot.

Some people ask if Trolls are a Question of Magnitude but this is an error in Optics.  Optics just don't matter the way they used to.  You used to look at things like movies but now you don't; this is through no fault of your own.  Even if you were to watch the Original Version of the Man Who knew Too Much on YouTube for Free you would not be learning much about optics, in the way u might have say, ten or fifteen years ago.  You would be learning about TRolls, primarily.  More than any other topic.  Trolls have no eternal selves, or souls.  That part has remained True.

The existence of your mistakes were not . . . Things were less mutable.  I was going to say that Drilling down is part of Trolldom cause they so obviously live in the ground.  Sometimes Matter is the only thing to create.  OR you Feel like you should be Creating matter.  And then you think wasn't there this Newtonian or Einsteinian or Buddhist thing that matter is a Zero Sum Game.  You thought that, though you also assumed that it had been somewhat Autocorrected into your life.

There was a Time when we did not TRoll.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Constant Movement

I feel like time of year-wise this should be a still point.  And I guess it is for farm work (still a little cleanup to do but . . . ), but even since our last dramatic post things seem to be happening.  Without giving away any details (they are not fully formed and I don't like to jinx stuff), options for farming, even as soon as next season, keep popping up.  Like Said, the form this will take, Open Heart Farm Reborn (that name is too long) or just the same old Open Heart, as they say in Cote d'Ivoire (where Rachel and I were for two years), on va voir!

In the meantime, I do want to take this winter to discourse on some just general gardening things that I think would be useful or at least interesting, like a listicle of my favorite tomatoes for home gardening and which ones might be different - that will be coming your way soon.