Saturday, November 16, 2013

But things must Matter and one so often has the sense that they do not so the impulse Arises . . .

Trolletry?  Troll Poetry?  Trollism, as something broader than just poetry or writing but that most clearly encompasses it and is meant to be a lifestyle.  Hell No.

And so you ask if I'm not just meeting enough people, and I used to love people.  and they are still out there. the people they rush back in and out and they, if they exist are an antidote to trolls.  Yes, But trolls don't exist.  Any more than Marvin the Sad Robot.

Some people ask if Trolls are a Question of Magnitude but this is an error in Optics.  Optics just don't matter the way they used to.  You used to look at things like movies but now you don't; this is through no fault of your own.  Even if you were to watch the Original Version of the Man Who knew Too Much on YouTube for Free you would not be learning much about optics, in the way u might have say, ten or fifteen years ago.  You would be learning about TRolls, primarily.  More than any other topic.  Trolls have no eternal selves, or souls.  That part has remained True.

The existence of your mistakes were not . . . Things were less mutable.  I was going to say that Drilling down is part of Trolldom cause they so obviously live in the ground.  Sometimes Matter is the only thing to create.  OR you Feel like you should be Creating matter.  And then you think wasn't there this Newtonian or Einsteinian or Buddhist thing that matter is a Zero Sum Game.  You thought that, though you also assumed that it had been somewhat Autocorrected into your life.

There was a Time when we did not TRoll.


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