Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week 3 - or, Week 1 of Summer

That's right, this will be the first week of our share occurring in Summer, and looking at the five-day, and judging by the downpour this afternoon, we are finally in the midst of it.  To celebrate the family and I went to Bolton Pots for the first time.  First time at any swimming hole actually.  I know, that's kinda pathetic for having lived here for nine years, but we are definitely on board now, it totally rocked, speaking of which:

this weeks share:

sugarsnap peas
dill/cilantro (for real this time)
spinach/other cooking green

there was one other thing, which I am now  forgetting.  It wasn't summer squash, which is also a possibility.  Enjoy the heat and I will remember it as I walk around the field tomorrow. 


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