Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Planting Time

What have I been doing since the snowy Easter scene in the last post?  Planting, planting, planting.  Interrupted only by some seeding, seeding, seeding.  The peas are up, as is the spinach, radishes, and arugula.  Garlic ws up long ago if I didn't already mention it, and planted are the onions, fennel (the picture
here is like a Josh's eye view of the past two weeks), the first plantings of lettuce and beets, and oh so much more.  Giant field of potatoes.

This week's weather has been great for us, though, to complain like a farmer about the weather, slightly dry.  If it doesn't rain by early next week we will start irrigating.  Sometimes you just have to threaten the clouds by putting out the pipes and it will rain.

Our CSA is filling up much quicker this year, which is great for many reasons.  Obviously it's nice to not have to worry about cash flow as much during the season.  The reason that is so nice is because every our I am not marketing I can spend farming, and thereby hopefully getting better results.  This year over last I will already be able to spend five to ten extra hours at the field, and those early hours are usually worth 2 hours in June or July. 

If you are interested in getting a share they are still available, just check out and download a brochure.  Just going to give one more shout out to our add-ons which rock this year.  The eggs you eat will be coming from chickens I can see grazing every day as we tend the vegetables.  


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