Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 17

We are well into the fall section of our CSA, last week, which went undocumented had giant beets and rutabaga, more roots and interesting greens coming your way this week and probably every following week, with various exciting aliums and winter squash. 

The fields looks great, as good as they ever have.  The herb circle got freshened by a UVM class I work with each year and it turns out it is full of chives sage thyme some mint lots of horehound (why did I plant that you ask?  Not sure, but now that I have it we are going to try to make candy ala Little House). Also, asparagus looking good, don't want to promise, but next year could be our first of asparagus to the CSA.

But, back to the present

choice of dill parsley or cilantro
collards or mustard greens
daikon radishes

many interesting combos from this list: again the greek frittata.  Arthur, of It's Arthur's Fault got a bunch of carrots and daikon from me to make kimchi, so you might consider that. Or, with the collard greens might I suggest this classic version, where you can also make use of our onions and hot peppers.

little end note: I won't bring any more basil up, but I encourage all members to come down and pick it clean if they are wanting to put away tubs of pesto.


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