Sunday, September 09, 2012

Week 15 - Full Force Fall

As I write this we have woken to the first chilly morning, Ciaran and I went on an early bike ride for which we both had to wear long sleeves.  Many Squirrels were collecting sunflower seeds: it dawned on my that this must be why we have such strong squirrels in this town, everyone grows sunflowers.

Anyway, we have put oats on lots of land that has done its work already this season, I have started trying to figure out where the garlic for next year, we have started to collect winter squash; in short: Fall, even if it has been quite warm until now.  In terms of farm shares this means the time of many varied greens and many kinds of roots, including potatoes, carrots, beets, rutabaga, parsnips and more.

For this week:

green beans
acorn squash

One recipe to remember is the greek fritatta we featured early on, another basic acorn squash one that works


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