Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CSA Brochure online and pumpkins (still!)

I think I have found a way to get the CSA brochure online: click here. (Thank you Mandy for the Brainstorm.)

Just today I finished making pumpkin bread from the Marina di Chiogga pumpkin shown in various views here. I was wondering if any other CSA members still had theirs. I know I sound silly in October saying "Oh, just keep it on your table as decoration for a few months, it will keep fine." But, here we are in February and this one smelled so fresh when I cut it. I still have two Queensland blue pumpkins in the basement, which is far from ideal storage.

This pumpkin is known as a great tasting dry fleshed one, which would have been great for soup, but I was souped out. When I split it open there was alot more space in the cavity than I thought, so I thought there was not going to be alot of flesh, but somehow or another it produced more usable pumpkin than any other variety I have used, and was extremely sweet. It also had over 100 beautiful seeds and I started wondering why I wasn't saving them, especially as it is an open-pollinated heirloom, which I think would stay true (look the same next year and not revert to one of its parents), but I also know squash cross pretty easily, and that now I've got a project for next year.

and, I have to put up a picture of Ciaran, pre-haircut