Saturday, October 06, 2007


Pretty hard to believe I was in the ocean a few weeks ago and It looks like tomorrow will be the onset of real fall weather, you can see the sprig of color in the house next door to our's on Dan's Court, below. Well, it's true I look pretty apprehensive trying to go in the water, but I still maintain it was bearable once you did.

Up 'til now we have had the remnants of basil and a really great pepper and eggplant season. I guess we will be harvesting the rest of the peppers green over the upcoming days. The Fall is also a really great time for greens and our main problem seems to be finding happy homes for all of them. Our member have had a choice of two different cooking greens the past few weeks and will continue to for the next three weeks. Besides that we bring some to our markets, one of which ends next week and the other goes potentially til the day before the end of October. We would like to wholesale some (we have extra cases of arugala, totsoi, collards, mustard, etc.) but the reason we have great green and lots of them is why everyone has them: the fall is great growing weather. And since we have been concentrating on getting a steady stream of things to the CSA and retail markets we're not really en place to sell to the local stores. Anywho, not terribly worried, and hoping the food shelf can make use of them if no one else can, and still hoping that the we can sell some of our root crops to City market, as I planted a lot of rutabaga and turnips.