Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Website up + links to this year's exciting add-ons

Our website www.openheartfarm.com is up and running, ready to accept members and payments electronically, though the option still exists and is plenty fine to download a brochure (either from the blog on your right or the website) and pay by check or cash.  I can even mail brochures, I swear, it is possible!

but, going with the electronic flow of info here are some links that give lots of nice info and background on this years add-ons (which, in case you are new to CSAs, just means local foods that I also deliver to you at the same time that I deliver the vegetables which I grow.

Here's a great pic of O Bread's seeded baguette which I just had with avacado and chevre.  It rocked.  Where was the goat chese from you ask?  From Does Leap, who is providing our cheese this year.

They have a pretty extensive website with info on the five cheese rotation we will have, some nice stuff about their cows agricultural practices and cheesemaking info: http://www.doesleap.com/index.htm

Besteyfield Farm is new down at the Intervale, has no pictures up yet, and is offering us a great deal on local eggs.

We are again growing a few things up at South Village.  This year I'm isolating a few small crops that do well on clay, namely celery, corn, and possibly late season brassicas.

Things slowly getting in gear, feel free to email me or comment with questions.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Admin + 2013 Brochure

Seed ordering is obviously exciting.  But this time of year there is also a lot of other admin work.  Truth is, I kinda get into it, it almost seems like the "natural" thing to be doing in the winter at this point (it's been my cycle for the past 8 years).  What are some of these fun tasks: taxes (expenses mostly, which help me understand the business a bit better), figure out what the add-ons will be for this year (boy am I excited about this years: eggs right from the Intervale, Does Leap goat cheese (feta, here we come), and an expanded O Bread share including baguettes.  Then there is ordering things that are not seeds like remay, cheep cheep (dried chicken manure), etc, and meetings for markets and restaurants that we work with. 

All that plus getting out new site up and running, or rather having someone get it up and running since I don't have those skills.  I did get our brochure up, so you can access it from here, but without the paypal part, which will hopefully be ready in a week or two. 

Anyways, as I said I actually get excited about getting all of my ducks in a row, so that when the tractor hits the ground, everything else is set up.