Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer in Vermont 2

O that question mark of the last blog post seems a distant memory. We've had our heat wave, and to look at the long range cast that would be it for summer, but we'll see - I think we've all learned Vermont can thrrow a few weather curve balls. Well, despite the blight we've been fortunate to be giving out tomatoes for a few weeks, and I suspect we will get a few more weeks of them before all is said and done.

This has been our best year for melons (something that just hasn't worked well for us in the past), that said I feel like there is a lot of room for improvemnt on the productivity end, ie it would be nice if members got melons two weeks instead of one.

For those who have not heard via email, we are having a potluck down in the intervale this saturday, come one come all, members and friends past and present. It's at five at the community barn right after gardener's supply.

The camera is now in the truck, so now alls i got to do is take some pics, of our sun flowers or zinnias for instance.

Other things on the horizon: different greens (yeah): I seeded mustard, boc choi, arugala, and we have a bunch of collards and cabbage in the ground. Furthermore, the fall brassicas are looking fairly good. Also seeded turnips and the last (hard to believe) bed of carrots.

Yep, more updates soon?