Friday, November 22, 2013

Timon of Athens/Depeche Mode/This Blog

In case you haven't notices the focus of this blog is changing, as the farm in the Intervale winds down.  I am checking out other farm locations and other farm related jobs/stuff all the time but I am also working another job and suspect that it will take another year to have a family farm again.  When it does get born it might not be called Open Heart Farm, it might be Lost Places Farm, but might be something else.  Which leaves, For now, Open Heart Farm a farm of the mind, and this blog will mostly function as a record of that.  Which is to say as a blog did in the early days of blogging.  As thoughts - diarylike or not, interests, basically anything, the soil, what grows out from it, the fruits (poetry? (suppose that depends on which part of the lifecycle you are in, cause poetry could just as easiliy been the compost?)) etc.

As for poems that appear here: the formatting may be off that may be fixable by how wide your window goes.  I kinda like this medium, the blog, for whatever is going on with my writing now and how that intercects my desires with audience.  I'm still into writing for myself and strangers, and the thing about facebook is it wasn't strangers.  I would fall into the trap of trying to impress actual people,  Not sure why I don't have a moral problem with impressing myself.  That impressed-ness takes the form of enjoyment mostly, so maybe that is why.

Get to Timon and depeche next time.


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