Tuesday, May 06, 2008

All the news II

Sorry for the lack of pictures from the field. I will try to bring the camera down this week. Things are shaping up suspiciously well so far. The weather has been totally cooperating, and aside from a few major projects everything . . .

spinach, something we have not been too successful with the past two years has germinated excellently

carrots germed well too, same with just about everything, I even think I saw a parsnip or two starting

today I put in a second smaller round of spinach, for those that don't know it doesn't care for the heat, won't germ or grow very big before bolting, going to seed, so I may try a few small round for baby spinach.

As opposed to last year we've gotten some nice rain (not too much) and some warm temps, so the plants have done well keeping in front of the flea beetle, I mean can you believe we have to deal with these things! They are slightly less scary at their true size, which is about a speck.

We are also all full for this years CSA, and look forward to getting in contact with and meeting our new and returning members, just for the record: it took about one, maybe one and a half more weeks this year to fill up, I think partly attributable to the late spring and partly to more farms offering more shares.