Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 13

Yep, there are two weeks missing, that's summertime for ya! or tomato-time.  The craziness is slowly abating though, and I'm back to the blog, which a few people actively said they missed, so . . .

We do have at least two weeks more of tomatoes, though you are probably going to notice amounts diminishing.  Could even be three weeks.  I've learned a few things about tomatoes this year, but I'll wait till the end of the year to go on about it, in short: air flow.

Fall-ish greens will be making there debut appearance this week.  For those that don't know fall is a great time to grow all those greens that can't stand the heat, either because they would bolt or cuz there are too many bugs out.  Many of my favorites are included: mustard greens, collards, spinach

this week

arugula (option of chard for those who know they don't like arugula)
white onions
green beans

For those not already excited by arugula, let me offer two simple recipes, a pesto (which could also involve the cilantro if you wanted to experiment), and a salad.


Sunday, August 05, 2012

Week 10


I hope we might be able to add dill/cilantro to this list.  if not, then next week.  I have been eating the melons the past week (definitely the best farmer perk is melon "testing") and they rock.  Best since I've been here, hopefully we will have three weeks of them.  The onions for this week are white fresh and sweet.  Tired from a hot weekend that resulted in a little rain, enough for me to not think about irrigating tomorrow, but maybe the day after.