Tuesday, August 14, 2007

umm, it's been awhile . . . huh. Well it should be no surprise, no matter what I said in the dead of winter, - My parents were here this weekend, and my dad did take some photos. If you can find Rachel in the one with me and my mom, you can claim your free bulb of Fennel at the ONE market, Tuesdays, in front of HO Wheeler. It's been so long school is starting up pretty soon. You can also see in the other photo, David, Marlene, and Emily, all of whom were in the Peace Corps with us in the Ivory Coast. Emily just moved to B-town and we expect her to be helping out constantly. No, just kidding, Emily. Even more fun than forcing them all to work was just hanging out, which we are slowly getting to the part of the season where such a thing could be imagined.

We've been having some nice weather (though, besides being busy in July farmer's can do something else: complain about perfect weather: It should have Rained an inch more over the last month for starters!). Lost of fall greens and turnips and winter squash on their way. What about melons our members are saying. I think they are coming, something about melons seems to occur when we aren't looking and then they are weedy, so we (Matt Rachel and I) weeded them, and I think the heat is going to turn up at least a little, and pre-September, we will have at least some melons, guarunteed. This is another example of what I heard someone else call the steep learning curve of Farming, we already know some easy ways to improve the melon crop for next year (tho I want to reiterate, we will have some)

Anyways, this time I can solemnly promise, I'll be writing before September ends.