Monday, December 01, 2008

I saw the last picture on there and . . .

Ciaran looks nothing like that now so

of babies and blogs

so, uh, it's been awhile. to make a long story short we had a very successful growing season (more details on minor mishaps survey results etc following), but a less successful blog season. Given Ciaran, I was happy to keep the garden going this year, but I do hope for a little more blogging soon. Including pictures.

anyways, there are lots of specifics abut the season past that I will be re-hashing as I get ready for the new one, and I'll try to share the details right here.

ps it makes me feel slightly better that I have learned you need not check the blog daily, Ara told me that you can set blogs up as "RSS Feeds" (I think thats the name), so that your computer will tell you when we've updated the blog, - thank god for the modern - so if you don't have that feature hooked up yet (am i the only one?!?!?), try it out