Tuesday, March 26, 2013

 Here is a pic of an Easter egg hunt (more like a scramble as you can see), and

starting 29 varieties of tomatoes in greenhouse yesterday (about four of those varieties are cherries, and all but two are heirlooms (those two were chosen for taste, I've missed Juliet the past few years, and Premio I just wanted to try)) - but how can we be seeding all these warm weather things in the middle of our slow spring.  The answer is That's what greenhouses are for.  The tomatoes won't start to adjust to real Vermont temps for another 4 week about.  And as you can see even in the past few days, Spring comes fast.  I bet if we went to the scene of that egg scramble today it would look pretty different.

Today I seeded the first round of beets, scallions, fennel, and celery.  That's right, today was a root day (for more info on my biodynamic seeding practices check back posts).  Next up, broccoli.   

Sign-ups for this year are going very well.  We do still have shares, and be sure to check out our egg, cheese, and bread shares.  Lots more info on www.openheartfarm.com   

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Spring

We only have a week + until it is really Spring, technically Spring.  But we've already hit daylight savings time (figured that one out at 4pm when I looked at my cell phone), and probably the most relevant signs of spring for the Farm are that we cleaned up the greenhouse and I have started my onions and shallots (for more about new varieties of onions for this year look back about 4 posts).

Mulching the garlic and asparagus will be up next, I just want to wait until we see a little more snow melt outside of Burlington.

So now, before things get too hectic I want to enjoy Early Spring by doing two things our family loves: going to North beach on those slightly warm days and hiking around (for a 2 & 5 year old that is plenty of hike-space and so close) and go to the Palmer sugar house, on Hinesburg Road, once or twice.  I'm excited that, just based on the temps I'm seeing, it might be a really good sugaring year this year.  Obviously good news for everyone in this state.

Go to our website for our brochure or to just sign-up online at www.openheartfarm.com - we are filling up a bit faster than last year.  If I had to take a guess as to why it would mostly be that we provided a lot of great veggies last year and that I think there are many people tuning in to the abundance of local farms each day.  Yeah!