Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Feeling a bit behind the scenes from the farm scene as of late - but with the power of publishing at my fingertips - I felt the situation demanded a bit of on-the-scene-ness...

behind-the-farm-glamour scene is the not-so-glamour-shot support of the farm scene, namely, continual support of Ciaran by Rachel, Rachel by Ciaran, not anywhere near the farm, but with farm evident in its absence (to me) - also, I'm wearing one of the many OH Farm shirts GranBarb made/gave me which have oddly become a staple of post-baby-birthing-body wardrobe

but, we're both here, Farm! and trying to take much advantage of you, with not a lick of gratitude after work of meal-making, admittedly - this being the MO of most swarthy July critters (shout out here to all other hard-working others like deer, beetles, ants, and land pirates) as our day goes on well after darkness falls