Thursday, January 28, 2010

new brochure and blog related things

A much cropped version of this photo (magical heart potato in case you couldnt tell) is the cover photo of our new brochure.  Cover shots are thekind of thing a farmer can really obsess over in the winter, it would be just too easy to sit back and relax.  I am sending out brochures to our members today, to give them all the first chance at getting slots and the early bird special discount, but soon after I will find a way to link it to the blog, and just be generally getting it out.  It's interesting, the tenor of this year already seems so different from last.  I have already had a few emails of interested new members, and I get the sense we will have no problem filing our 80 spots this year.

I also can't help getting excited about the way this year is shaping up: starting off with at least a little of our first crops of asparagus and rhubarb, and then the peas i might have mentioned (I'm doubling the seeding rate to ensure a better germination (and germ with peas is everything, because if they are not thick, they are weedy, and if they are weedy they just die)).

In slightly less exciting news, IO have had to change the blog protocol with regards to comments, because we got spammed with comments actually containing pictures inappropiate to a farm blog.  I was torn, it's not like alot of kids read the blog and would see it, and I want to encourage comments (I actually find them very useful), so if getting them up there is too hard please email me at and I will change them back and see how it goes. 

Anyone who would like a copy of our brochure can also email us there, or call 802-881-8125.

We will be starting in the greenhosue in less than a month, first some of the farmers will be getting together to re-skin it, more on that later.