Friday, November 16, 2007


I'm so neglegent with the posts and now all farm news is eclipsed by le petit noir as ciaran translates to in french, but in english the irish means little dark one, which we all thought would be totally not true but a nice name anyways and now is totally true and a nice name. See below.

If there are details I've forgotten about Ciaran Daley May, you just ask away, and I will include all the farmy photos I had planned before (he was two-three weeks early, so my plans were really going to work I swear).

Um, additionally the garlic is in and semi-covered/mulched, it is about twice as much as last year, which is good, cause we'd like to hand it out to CSA members more, have some more of our own seed (which accounted for about half of it this year), and even have some to sell.

These are some of my jars, from left to right: chamomile, calendula, and various soup beans, all grown this year at OHF

and this one is of Rachel at 6:30 on the day of our last CSA pick-up, you can see it's a bit dark at that time, but no snow like last year.

Enjoy thanksgiving.