Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Expanding rhubarb and Asparagus patches

Easter seems miles behind us already but I couldn't resist putting this picture up.  For those who don't know this is Rachel and Ciaran, my better halves, at Callahan park at a . . . oh, you can probably figure that part out.  It was such a pretty day that day that I felt compelled to go out and mulch the garlic, which is long since finished and seems to be progressing well.

The rhubarb (the mulched thing pictured below) that I started from seed just last year also is doing really well, and looks like I am going to harvest some starting in about a week.  Very exciting and a convincing argument for doing it from seed and not from crowns.  So besides doing a ton more this year (the goal is about 200 feet of rhubarb), I am also filing in our asparagus bed with stuff from seed, which also germinated very well.  Since its been so warm and the rhubarb is ready even a little earlier than normal, I am going to try to get some to this years members.  As these patches become well established it makes the case for possibly starting the CSA a week earlier.

Other things in the ground are spinach, onions, chamomile, potatoes, peas, and napa.  Tomorrow out goes alot of brassicas (kale, broccolli, cauliflower etc.)


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