Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hoe-a-thon 2010

Rachel gave me the marvelous Idea of having a hoe-a-thon this year.  The hoe-a-thon is something from our time at Quail Hill Farm.  It consists of head lamps and hoeing through the night etc.  Pizza and beer are often required. 

Well, we are in need of a hoe-a-thon this year, so next week, on Tuesday (Wednesday if it rains and if it rains Wednesday it becomes a weed-a-ton) Jessyloo and I will be hoeing from 9-5 straight (OHF is only 4 acres, Quail Hill probably had 15 hoeable acres), we will be accepting donations of hoeing, i.e. you can come down and hoe with us that day.  If you are a late afternoon hoer with ID beer will be offered.

We are going to try to get a bit of a head start the next few days, but I assure you, you will have a chance to hoe, and put the Community back in Community Supported Ag.

Since our camera is still not working, here's a photo of Rachel and I practicing the art of hoeing from the aforementioned Quail Hill.  Oh how little has changed (we look a little bit younger now but . . .)


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