Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Weather, Part Whatever

The weather seems to deerve some continued comment, as we were roughly 20 degrees over the norm today, and even had our first thunderstorm last night which Ciaran and I were happy to be caught in on our way home from the park.

I would say this, it definitely has psychological impact.  In talking to all the farmers down at the Intervale, everyone is on schedule as per where they were last year and where they are supposed to be this year, but we still all feel a little late, which I think is ok, cause that really means that we are all just fairly chomping at the bit to get more done.  I forget if I wrote last before or after the snow (everyone remember that), but I have checked and the snapdragons and poppies made it.  Next things I hope to see up are carrots, potatoes, and chard, and I will be putting out the leeks this week, seeding the summer squash and cukes.  Also, potting up of eggplant and peppers, all while friends and family are in town (which we are all super excited about).

As for where we are membership-wise we basically have about 15 possible slots left, which is on par with last year, still I'll be happy when they are all filled up, cause it means les time looking at the computer and more time tending to the plants.

So, in that spirit, one more link to the brochure


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