Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pics from the Farm

 All of these pictures of from Jessyloo, who, if you haven't met yet, I am sure you will.  First, the flowering potato plant, and we all just think of it for food, quite pretty.

next up is this wonderful view of the hilled potatoes.  really shows how high up we try to get the dirt on the plants.  This year I hilled twice, as opposed to once in other years, both to try and get a few extra tubers, and to keep them clean (you can kinda see how flipping up all that dirt on them would smother the weeds and also cut them up from the ground surrounding them

here, an earlier shocking view of just how weedy the potatoes were before the hoe-athon, and the effects of the hoe-athon, side by side.

All of this is to say, we are looking forward to a nice potato crop.  no need to jinx it, but at this point all looks good.

on a non-potato note one of many squash blossoms.  Which I think means squash certainly within two to three weeks, probably on the earlier side of that.

and one contemplative end of the day one.

Thanks Jessyloo for the photos, I did finally get another camera so more of the flowers at the farm are on their way.


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