Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Visiting the Farm

For all you members, and even non-members that read the blog, I wanted to extend the offer now, as we move from super-hectic towards super-super-hectic, to come visit us At the OHF fields. I know early on some expressed interest in seeing how everything is grown and some even wanted to do a little gardening.

I will give you an example of the range of things going on currently: the chamomile is out of control, Rachel and I spend twenty minutes picking it and still there is more, and that will just multiply again tomorrow. It seems like we will certainly have enough for tea, and the smell of the plants is amazing.

Well, the rest of the range is hand-weeding and hoeing and mulching tomatoes and such, but some people like that. If anyone's interested just give us a call.

Below is a pic of our market display. For those that don't know we are at the Shelburne and New North End Markets.


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