Sunday, April 03, 2011

Turning on a Dime

This is shaping up to be the week I think where we move into that next gear on the farm, and I think as Vermonters also finally see Spring as sprung.  This week on the farm we hope to

1. Compost the fields
2. Disk at least where the alliums (onions and leeks) will be going.  The disk is one of my most used implements.  As you can see in this pic, it basically just chops the first 6 inches of soil or so into a crumble.
3. Put our first plants in the cold frame (with remay on top, a blanket that will give the plants a few degrees frost protection (though its just onions we will be starting with so they don't really need frost protection))
4.  Start mulching the garlic with some peace corp volunteers help (Rachel and I were in the Peace Corps in Ivory Coast (we had nothing to do with the current problems I swear!))

we were out today helping Half Pint farm get there hoophouses up, and it was so nice to hear the hum of the John Deere running. 

remember, brochure is linked to on your right.


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