Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year

I haven't ordered the seeds but all the numbers are written down, so lots of supply orders go in next week.  Always so much to be excited about this time of year, seed-wise.  They all seem like wise choices.  I think I'm holding true to my word of consolidating the tomatoes - although that still somehow means about five new varieties.

Every year has its theme I think.  Last year to me was the year of learning to do it right, not just by the seat of my pants (which had tended to work but it's nice not to have to be lucky).  This year could be summed up (isn't it awesome I'm already summing up 2011) by two phrases: core competencies and KIS (Keep it simple).  They're the same but from different angles: the first, economic: stick with what you do well and just work on doing it better.  In the case of OHF, we know vegetables, CSA vegetables, i.e. the basic ones plus just a few to keep it interesting.  Core-competencies are what keep small Davids beating Goliaths, so long as they stick to what they know, their own business model, they are not really ever in the same competition as those big guys.  This is how the economics people also justify the otherwise impossible fall of giants like Ford to Hyundai.

KIS might have originated with AA, but all the same . . . this year especially, the first season with two kids, it's all about getting quality cauliflower to people, not purple cauliflower, sorry purple cauliflower lovers, let's get this year under our belt and I'll bring it back!

Was reading the Marriage of Heaven and Hell by Blake and I loved how this image had so much going on underground, I really felt it gave the true sensation that it is the ground actively doing something to feed the trees and us.  Also reminded me of the Tom Waits line, there is a world going on underground.

A few pages later Blake says, "Without Contraries is no progression"

So true Blake, so true.

Look for more farmy updates soon, we get into the thick of it quick.


Blogger c-side said...

Adore the Blake tie in, all of it. Happy New Year...and don't forget innovation as part of the core competencies! It's worth its costs in purple cauliflower!

7:37 PM, January 15, 2011  

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