Saturday, August 14, 2010

Abundance is right!

If Anyone is wondering why I seem in a daze for the next few weeks, it's due to Francis Michael May, born Friday the 13th, 7 pounds, seven ounces (I'm definitely going to get a numerologist in on that one).  We will still be having all the veg, just have to thank Jessyloo in advance for working her self silly for a week or two while I get it together.  Got a nice set of beans coming and the brasicaas are so far free of sweet midge (super small fly that has messed them up in previous two years, and has wreaked havoc with spring kale).

Couldn't help but include this shot of Ciaran and I enjoying Champy's Birthday.  All the other mascots in town come to help him celebrate.  I bet you didn't know that both Ponderosa steakhouse and Hannaford's have mascots.


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