Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vermont Winter

I think this is the most wintry Vermont Winter since Rachel and I have moved here, five or six years ago (forget which) - The weather forecast thus far indicates that it will keep chugging along as same.  And I am shocked to announce that I think we are handling it pretty well.  We haven't gone skiing or anything yet (I bet it will be Ciaran who finally forces us to go), but we just keep going to the Y and the library, and keep plugging away at farm tasks (the ones less fun than seed ordering, like securing permits, buying biomulch and row cover, etc.), but I also know winter isn't over yet, and I better not predict our victory over it when I almost had a near hallucination looking at this curious George book.  I saw this page and I almost started having a reverie thinking about what a nice vacation spot it looked like.

Well, more from the farm soon, did I mention we are trialling some new varieties of potatoes (blue gold Yukon-y flesh, blue outside) - I liked the red gold so much last year I decided why not do both.


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