Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We are in St. Louis for our last break before the season starts in earnest (I know, sounds a little weird when the snow isn't even off the ground, but the greenhouse gets intensive quick).  It is about 65 here today and Ciaran was out in his Grandma's garden digging when he found an earthworm.

He's 3 now, so each passing summer still produces a vastly different Ciaran.  He already seems much more able to handle himself in the garden, by which I guess I mean, able to not step on things and interested in playing in the dirt for a long time.  Just hearing about the earthworm was so joyous for me, and kinda reminded me of the importance of doing things the way we do them at Open Heart, which is not certified organic, but we do do everything in that way with a smattering of biodynamic practices as well, and hearing about the earthworms reminded me of how much I like seeing them when we unearth the garlic (which we mulch with leaves, perfect moist spot for the worms), and all the ones we find while digging the potatoes.  It's nice to know we are providing a safe, non-toxic environment for those fellows.  You probably can't overestimate the importance of having them their, if only as a sign of all the other life in the soil.  Which is why I always loved the name of one farm in the North Fork of Long Island where Rachel and I started farming: The Golden Earthworm Farm.  They are that important.

Can't wait to get back to VT and see them.


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