Friday, April 29, 2011

I was thinking about the last post and realized there were two things I forgot to say that contribute to my being able to have such a bright outlook re the flood.  The first is the silt, which you can see in this picture dumping into lake Champlain.  May not be great for the lake, but for farm land in that delta, it's basically like the Nile, we are getting a lot of nutrients dumped on our soil.  That plus pretty quick draining is an overall positive. 

The second thing is extra labor.  In a more normal season I get things in over a long period, maybe a month.  It's mostly just me planting.  It will cost money but at least it is possible to do the same thing in a week or two with enough help.

There, a more complete picture.

For those still looking to sign up, a link to the brochure is on your right.


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