Saturday, July 02, 2011

New Life

 So these are the eggs of two killdeer that have been hanging out between two beds of leeks for the past two weeks. Forgot if I mentioned them.  Now the eggs are hatched so I could finally clean up that super grassy aisle, which was nice.  And the four chicks and the mom and pop (I guess are roaming around the farm chirping.  They are all so loud I almost feel like, "how can that be safe? Aren't hawks going to come eat you?"  But they probably have it figured out.

Well, we to have a sense of new life at the farm.  This week we had our first working members out and our crew (Jamie and Jeremy) were working longer, we hilled the potatoes and leeks.  Starting to seem like a normal season a little more, and I think there are even some chances for prosperous growing.  The leeks are a nice size already.  I'm really liking the hilling as a weed control method.  We will hill them one more time and hopefully have nice long white shanks.  Also had a nice farmer's market this weekend.

I think it's summer.    


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