Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gift Giving

My choices for gifts to give this season are:

1) non-material gifts such as giving to oxfam in someones name (we and some other families might even try to buy a goat for people in our kids names and explain it to them.)

2) cookbooks that you actually use and like, no one needs another untested dud cookbook, but there are a few (I've recommended them in the past so you can search that) that are eternally useful for vegetarians, carnivores and everything in between.

3) This is the one I'm most excited about, mesh produce bags.  Tempted to get a set for everyone in he csa.  Over the past year or two I've seen them cropping up more and more but definitely would like to reduce much more substantially the number of bags we use.  I haven't used them myself yet, so I'm not sure they are appropriate for absolutely every veg but . . . I did find them at gardeners, where, if you know me I've probably told you ten times, I work this season. 

anyways happy holidays, even if all the gifts you give are immaterial.


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