Friday, April 13, 2012

The Intervale

Today was just so glorious that I had to take a walk once I was done with my work in the field (put in the first round of hakuri turnips).  So I started down the dirt road deeper into the Intervale.  It was a wonderful walk, insanely beautiful.  I hadn't taken this trail for four years.  Once you get past the back end of Adam's Berries on one side and Arethusa on the other there are giant fields (50 acres ~), some that I think are used for hay, and some that might not be used at all.  After a few minutes you can see the Winooski river, wide and placid.  On the opposite bank, in what is either Colchester or Winooski, was a herd of cows, some of whom were drinking from the river.  it was easy to forget I was in Burlington, the spaces had widened out so much from those more hemmed in closer to town fields.  Then I crossed into Ethan Allen Homestead and after a little turned back.  Sometimes I give the Intervale Center a hard time (see older posts :)) but my farm and farms in general is only a piece of what they must keep afloat.  The farms probably comprise less than half the acres they conserve (is that the right word?).  Anyway, felt very lucky to live in Burlington today, and to get to work in the Intervale on a daily basis.

Also feel lucky to have such great members.  You all have signed back up in droves, making it a lot easier to focus on the farming part of farming, which is going great.  So far, in the the ground: peas, carrots, aforementioned turnips (a sweet mild variety I often call the gateway turnip), spinach.  Next week we will start the mass transplant: chard, kale, onions, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beets.


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