Saturday, March 17, 2012

21st century

Don't want to blow everyone's mind with too many advances at once, but OHF has moved online in a big way.

For one, we have a website - the blog will still very much exist, and be the day to day week by week go to, but the website has the brochure also, but maybe even more amazing, at least to me, is you can now buy your open heart veggie shares with your credit card or paypal account.  It is a basic site that may over time include recipes and more stuff, but for now it has our asic info with a few fun features, and looks great, I have to thank Eva Us who is doing it for us and did everything to make it look wonderful.

In even another piece of tech news from the farm, we are officially a google place, which I wanted to do mostly so people could more easily get directions, so let me know if it at all helps with that.  It was a bit of a process, but I have to admit I got into it and can understand how people get into the powers of technology, even tho i am generally a book reading tape listening to guy.

Actual Farm, like on the real earth news: you all know it too: we will be in the ground at least a week earlier than normal and maybe two due to all this heat.  The goal is actually not to get too far ahead of ourselves I think.  Not that there will be a frost or anything, at least I don't think so.  Just don't want to over-extend or have my peas before the CSA starts, actually maybe more of an issue with the spinach, maybe we will for the first time for us in Vermont, have two spring sowings of spinach, which would be exciting.  That was easy in the longer slow progression of coastal Long Island, but this is looking like our year here.

Brochure still is on sidebar, hope you all like the website and please comment and let me know what it could use.

Next time: to organic or not, and why I mulch with lots of leaves


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